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You should get a call from us to understand what you need in details. And an email confirmation with all the details for our scheduled meeting will be on its way. Meanwhile, explore my YouTube videos for valuable marketing insights to keep you inspired.

A Friendly Note 😉

Hey, just a heads-up – this is a no-pressure, no-harm zone.
Chatting with me won’t summon any marketing demons. It’s just a friendly, insightful conversation that might change the trajectory of your business.

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Nazmul Ahmed

Chief Wizard of Marketing, Nazm C

What to expect during the meeting:

I will be excited to meet with you!

  1. When we talk, everything that’s confidential is going to stay between us.
  2. We’ll start off by getting an understanding of what kind of business it is so I can help accordingly.
  3. The meeting wait time will be 5 minutes; After that it’s considered a no-show.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule:

Check at the bottom of the email that you received. You can easily cancel or reschedule.

If you Do not Attend the meeting:

A founder like you will miss the opportunity to book that slot. So I will really appreciate it if you cancel the meeting if you can not attend.

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