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Hi There! I am Nazmul.

Your future CMO, who loves building marketing departments.

Let’s assemble a marketing team and develop processes to 🛞 drive quality leads, 🚀 skyrocket client conversions, and establish a 💎 dominant brand.

What I did for a few of the companies I worked with.

These companies achieved results by building a marketing department, having faith in my system, and by assembling an insanely productive marketing team. 🙂

See for yourself…

Achieved 614.3% growth in MRR within 7 months. Built a complete team of 8 people.
Led full marketing and sales team of 21 people and increased inbound leads by 300%.
Saved 75% of the cost by building a remote team of 8 and increased inbound leads by 200%.
Dying to see growth? 🤔

Say 'Yes', hit play, and witness the transformation of your marketing department into a Revenue powerhouse.

Trust me. You don’t want a marketer; You want a marketing department. As your Chief Marketing Officer, I am here to help you build and shape your marketing department.

Did thinking and waiting all these months help? You know what to do.

The Story Of How I Became The Marketer I Am Today.

The curious soul I have always been very curious about the science and arts of human behavior and how people communicate. I think the quest of trying to understand these constantly helped me learn about how to attract new clients for any business.

Career Highlights 🇺🇸 🇧🇩 🇨🇦

The Marketer

I discovered my passion for marketing through an unconventional route. Beginning as a curious graphic and UI designer, I gradually transitioned into marketing at a logistics company, where I honed my skills in branding and team management over six years. 

The Founder

This path led me to establish my dream venture, Ennovision, a user experience design company. Here, I learned about the trials and triumphs of founding a business, particularly the importance of constantly acquiring customers. 


Subsequent roles as CMO in various companies shaped my understanding of inter-department collaboration and the concept of making a company marketable. For the past five and a half years, I’ve served as a marketing consultant, helping small to medium-sized businesses grow and succeed. 

My ultimate satisfaction comes from knowing a company has benefited from my learnings and is successfully navigating a thriving customer base.

3 Major Parts of my life

How will the 1st year look like? 🛫

the Stages We Will Go Through Together To Build Your Revenue Machine.

It’s like a plane taking off– it takes time and effort to get it up and running, but once it starts moving, it becomes an unstoppable force.

What's my Approach as a CMO? 👩🏼‍🚒

3 Essential Pillars for Building an Effective Marketing Department.

I don’t have a secret formula. I have been building teams for so long that it feels like second nature to me.

Pillar 1

Building mind-blowing teams

  • I know how to hire the right talent that’s fit for the company
  • Then being able to guide and train and motivate them to do the right things
  • Lastly, aligning the company’s vision with team members’ personal goals
Pillar 2

Trust on systems, not goals.

With my years of experience, I now know, without the right system, any team can lose focus and do things that don’t bring results. The whole marketing department works like a machine because of the systems I place so that everything runs smoothly.

Pillar 3

Collaboration with other departments.

Especially with the sales department. Collaboration with other departments helps the marketing team to align its strategies with the overall company goals, utilise resources effectively and communicate the brand message consistently.

Why should you choose me over all other CMOs? 🥷🏼

Because I Still Execute. Every Single Day.​

I don’t just manage’ teams and build strategies. As a practicing marketer, I’m still involved in executing marketing activities while managing stakeholders. Even this copy you’re reading right now was written by yours truly. 🙂

After years of hard work, when a marketer finally becomes a head of marketing or a CMO, there’s a tendency to focus solely on managing. Suddenly, we may find ourselves in a ‘manager‘ role, exclusively overseeing tasks without participating in execution.

How am I so certain? I walked that path myself for a year. However, I was fortunate to have great mentors who helped me break free from this pattern. Now, I not only manage but also continuously learn and execute marketing strategies, every single day.

As a practicing marketer, I’m still involved in executing marketing activities while managing stakeholders. Even this copy you’re reading right now was written by yours truly. 🙂

Here are a few more reasons why (One more time):
1. Ex-Founder of a tech company.
2. 14+ years of experience in the industry.
3. Former fractional CMO of 76+ companies.
4. Experience in forming teams that are remote & on-site.
5. I did .................. and boosted revenue to 300% for 7 companies.

Want to learn more about number 5?

How Can I Help With The Experience I Have? 🪜

By Aligning Business Goals with Marketing Activation.

5 Minutes. Thats it.

You can hang up within the first 5 minutes if you’re not enjoying our conversation. No questions asked.

What's included in execution? 🧲

Leveraging Inbound Marketing.

Attract, Engage, And Delight Your Customers For Unparalleled Growth

We will leverage content marketing, SEO, and social media strategies to win customers to build the brand you always wanted.





What Else is Included In Execution? 🚀

Outbound Marketing for fast growth.

Reach Further, Convert Better
At this stage, it’s all about execution. With a clear marketing strategy in place, I will work with the marketing team that I hired, to implement the tactics and strategies we have identified and drive growth for your business.
Do We Measure success? 🛰️

Absolutely! Yearly, quarterly & monthly goal setting & reporting.

We will set up ORK and KPIs for the whole team. Every month you get to see the progress and where we need more effort. 

These Companies Understood The Real Meaning Of "Growth" When They Worked With Najm Consultant.

"Nobody takes ownership as Nazmul does."
- Shubho Al-Farooque
Founder & CEO, Zantrik
If you are a founder, if you are thinking, “Maybe this guy can help me.”

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