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Hubspot CRM Workshop

- by Nazmul (Hubspot Certified)

Convert 2X leads with right process.

Hubspot CRM Implementation for

Mid-Size B2B Tech Companies.

Uncover The Step-By-Step Process To Implement

Explore Everything About HubSpot CRM

In-Depth Training on Hubspot CRM

Audit Your Company Using Template

Migration To Hubspot From Existing CRM

Understand What You Need To Review

Develop A Sticky CRM For Impact

Certify Your Employees Using The Right Courses

Learn To Run A Diagnosis

Task Allocation Process to Utilize Hubspot CRM

Outcome and Eligibility

Do You Really Need This Workshop?

Before you scroll down, see below if this matches your profile. If yes, then this
Hubspot CRM workshop is all you need.

Yearly revenue increased by 10% (Minimum)

Ability to increased efficiency and transparency

Boost team productivity

Get measurable results from marketing and sales activities

Growth stage tech companies

Tech founders whose strength is not marketing

Company age minimum 2 years

Have a minimum 2 full-time sales resource

Have a minimum 1 full-time marketing resource

You understand the importance of automation tools

Don't invest in this workshop if...

You don’t know what Hubspot CRM is

You are not ready to pay a minimum of $50 – $400 to Hubspot every month

Light Package

15,000 Taka

CRM Workshop

Each company can bring upto 4 sales employees to the workshop

Day 1: 1.5 hour-long group training + 30 minutes of Q&A
Day 2: 1.5 hour-long group training + 30 minutes of Q&A
Day 3: 1 hour-long private individual company consultation

Sticky Package

40,000 Taka

CRM Workshop +

One Month Private Consultation

All the features that are inside CRM workshop plus

Weekly 1-hour consultation for 4 weeks
Make your team accountable to implement Hubspot
Develop connection between marketing and sale

What happens when you face

Advanced Technical Difficulties?

I will show you how to bring in developers directly from HubSpot to solve your issues
Based on the difficulty level you will be charged from 5,000 BDT to 13,500 BDT per hour.

Why you should join right away

The Hubspot CRM implementation program goes live only 2 times a year

Only the first 4 companies will get to be a part of each cohort

Each company can bring in up to 4 members from their organization

CRM Workshop Package

40,000 Taka

Day 1: Audit & Best practices | 1.5 hour training + 30 minutes of Q&A
Day 2: Process | 1.5 hour training + 30 minutes of Q&A
Day 3: Accountability to implement Hubspot | 1.5 Hours Q&A
Day 4: Review & closing | 1 hour

Nothing Is More Expensive Than

A Missed Opportunity

This program is not for everyone, doesn’t come cheap, and is not an all-year event. If you feel that you really need to implement Hubspot CRM then book your seats right away or else wait for another 6-8 months for me to come live.

Why Choose Me?

With the experience I have, I can show you and your team the entire process of implementing Hubspot CRM for your business growth.

The only reason you’ve come so far is because your product/service is good, now if you can align your marketing and sales using automation tools imagine how much value you can generate for your business. Everything will be automated.

I will give my own time and select only 2 companies that I want to work with. Since the slots are short, make sure you’ve booked your place.
Imagine how much you can accomplish with the Hubspot CRM automation tool. With your drive for growth and my knowledge on marketing automation, together we can take your business to the next level.

Hurry now and book a meeting to see if we are a fit. Or else you might end up waiting for another 6 months.

My Industrial Expertise

Most of my expertise is in the tech industry and so tech company founders call me a pure marketing machine

Meet your Consultant - Nazm

So, you have been running your mid-size company for a while now. The product/ service is proven & you are solving the actual problem of your customers. You ARE one of the best in the market, and you know it. But till today it’s been mostly word of mouth or very push sales focused. But now you know how digital marketing is taking over the whole, “bringing in more clients” side of the business. Now you want sustainable growth on your lead gen, a process to follow, and an automated marketing department to bring you more sustainable leads that will turn into clients. That’s where I come in as a marketing consultant. I build the team, put the process in place, and build a marketing machine for you.

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