Learn To Become a Freelance Consultant LIVE

Become a part-time consultant and grow your side income from 0 to 50,000 Taka+ per month and transform it into a sustainable, income-generating machine. Without quitting your day job. 😉

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🚀 Enough working for others.
Build something for yourself now.

Are you tired of working for others and building businesses for others? Then this is the right place.

5 years ago I became a marketing consultant while doing a full-time job at a company. I started off with 0 clients, 0 recognition, and 0 Taka in revenue. I knew absolutely nothing about consulting, but I did have advanced marketing knowledge so I somehow managed to figure out a way to start my journey.

12 months later, my client list crossed over 20 and I was making as much money as my full-time job. So later I decided to quit that job and become a full-time consultant.

Now in July 2022, my client list is over 100, and I make over 5 times more each month than when I had a full-time job, with 20-25 hours of effort on my part each week. And that’s just what I make from consulting – my overall business revenue includes partnerships and agency. It’s ridiculous. I know!!

Full disclosure: This is 100% hypothetical and not guaranteed by this course. But I have done this myself. 😉

Your monthly income can be:

Weekly Sold ⏱

Per Hour Fee 💰

Weekly Income 💸

Monthly Income 🤑

5 Hours
1,500 Tk.
7,500 Tk.
30,000 Tk.
10 Hours
2,500 Tk.
25,000 Tk.
1,00,000 Tk.
10 Hours
5,000 Tk.
50,000 Tk.
2,00,000 Tk.
10 Hours
10,000 Tk.
1,00,000 Tk.
4,00,000 Tk.
Presented by Nazmul Ahmed (Nazm)

The Part-Time Consultant Academy is a 4-week live online course where I’ll teach and help you implement everything I know about establishing yourself as a consultant inside Bangladesh or outside so that you can generate healthy passive income.

During the 4 weeks, we’ll have a combination of live zoom/meet lessons, open live Q&As, detailed individual feedback on your videos, exercises, and tasks to help supercharge your Consultant journey while connecting and having fun with hundreds of other followers, and clients.

The systems we’ve developed and teach in the course grew my own consulting career from zero to 20 Lakh BDT in annual revenue.

🥳 By the end of the 4-week LIVE course….


You’ll have kickstarted your consulting. If you have never done it before, thats even better.


You’ll have the next 3 to 6 months of execution planned out, and a streamlined system to sustain this.


For automation, you’ll get my recommendation of software and techniques for all budget levels, so you can level up your marketing activities.


You’ll know how to refine your niche, and you’ll have a system that ensures you’ll never run out of marketing ideas.


You’ll understand how to accelerate your growth and learn how to do this full-time if when the right time comes.


You’ll know the value of building a team as soon as you can and you’ll have a roadmap for outsourcing your work and hiring extra team members.

Meet your Consultant Coach- Nazmul Ahmed (Nazm)

I am a digital marketing consultant with a proven track record in doubling customers. I have been working with small to medium businesses for the last 14+ years and I work diligently to learn how to get more customers.

To learn about who I am and my background, checkout najmc.com

Why work with me?

🧑🏽‍💻 Who’s this for?

  • Your monthly income is above 25,000 Taka. Best if it’s above 50,000 a month.
  • You want to establish a personal brand because it will stay with you forever.
  • Want to become a full-time or part-time freelancer or consultant
  • You have expert knowledge of what you want to offer

❌ Who’s This Course NOT For​

  • The monthly salary/ income is less than 25,000, Taka
  • Looking for the secret to becoming rich
  • Who doesn’t want to work on the weekends
  • Looking for a get rich quick scheme
  • Who wants a guaranteed path to success

⏰ Course starts on 1st October 2022

This is exactly what we will be covering every week of the course, broken down week by week. If you’ve got any questions about any of it, feel free to shoot us an email 🙂


🥳 The Course Curriculum

This is exactly what we will be covering every week of the course, broken down week by week. If you’ve got any questions about any of it, feel free to shoot us an email 🙂

Week 1: Consulting Foundation

  • What is consulting & finding your niche
  • Build your offer/ What are you selling
  • How to design your signature program
  • Consultant and freelancer

Week 2: Grow your consulting

  • Marketing & awareness
  • Taking your business online
  • Networking
  • Personal brand

Week 3: Make Good Money

  • Selling consulting
  • Getting your 1st 5 clients
  • Mistakes of the past 5 years
  • Putting Sales Systems

Week 4: Bangladesh & Beyond

  • Become a consultant in Bangladesh
  • Become a global consultant
  • Designing a fulfillment engine
  • The top secrets of consulting success
Full Disclaimer

Freedom is extremely addictive

Get it by building your own freelance consulting career.

Your success of becoming a consultant will rely on how well you execute. There is no shortcut but I can promise it’s all worth it. . Hence, I don’t want to overpromise or give you money back guarantee.

However, please note that your probably of becoming successful is very high actually do the work and complete the assignments. If you don’t do the work, you won’t get any value from the course, and you’ll have taken a place away from someone else.

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Anyone to explore consulting as a career.



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For those who really want to become a consultant ASAP.

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