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Nazm C

Take a leap of faith

“You can replace everything in your company. But one thing you can’t replace is your clients. You ALWAYS need clients, doesn’t matter what business you are in.”

My happiest moment is getting the text message from my clients that says, “Nazm, you did it. Can’t believe we have clients” or “Nazm! Too many leads are coming in. Slow down if you can.” I become the proudest of my work when I see leads are generating or clients are coming in for my clients. The excitement of closing deals is indescribable.

Nazmul Ahmed aka Nazm's Marketing Certifications​

It took years to get where I am because I learned digital marketing by studying and then executing every aspect of it. From market research to running Facebook ads, I did it all to be a master 360 expert in digital marketing.

Career Highlights

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” – Steve Jobs.

Process of Working with Me

The steps that I take to start bringing the desired outcomes are very crucial and I believe this is where it gets me the most success.

Audit your existing marketing

Here I dive into marking where the marketing and the overall company is heading. I check the present influence of your product. I find out where you are going wrong and where you are going right. Focus on strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

Build a strategy that works for you

Build up a customized strategy specific to your business. Here, I take your required needs and constraints as input and provide exactly what you need.

Choosing inbound or outbound marketing

Here, we follow our installed strategy and also decide on the right way to market your product. We choose between inbound and outbound marketing. And sometimes a custom recipe of both ingredients is what we need.

Building the marketing department

Any business that wants to grow needs a strong marketing team. I help you build a full-fledged marketing team and individually train them if necessary. In this way, you can have full control of where you are going. You have complete power and the skilled human resources for it.

ORK & KPI in place

Objective and Key Results (OKR) helps companies to align goals, strategies, and implementations to measure the overall progress of our work. KPI is another framework, short for key performance indicators. It will underline how effectively a company is reaching business objectives.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation brings out the best practices such as process visualisations and efficient collaboration. This is where you let the marketing run on autopilot and focus on your more ambitious goals and objectives for your organization. You will have a 360-degree view of every undertaking.

The story of how I became the marketer I am today.

I can think of three good reasons why I am here. One, I love marketing. Two, I love people. Three, a combination of these two means I am great at getting you customers. I love that too.

Past Experience

Former CMO of Several Prominent Global Tech Companies

Brain Station 23, Experience Bangladesh, Southtech etc.

My experience in digital marketing and being able to run large marketing departments was largely shaped by the companies were I worked for many years. My journey through the intricate landscape of multinational corporations has provided me with a unique perspective on driving growth, building brand awareness, and fostering customer loyalty in today’s fiercely competitive global market.

Past Experience

Former Founder & CEO

Ennovision Ltd. & LLC

My dream venture was a user experience design company that went by the name Ennovision. It was the craziest experience I ever had. So much to do and no one to mentor me. Get Co-founders. Hire Employees. Come up with new products. Keep Selling. Market the heck out of your products. Build the brand. Build something that customers really want. Did I mention I had to keep selling? 

More than me building Ennovision into a business, it was the company that built a founder out of me.

I had a first-hand insight into the endless pile of responsibilities a CEO has to deal with, the first and foremost to bring customers, and the last but not the least, still bringing more customers! And even before I closed it down, I knew what I wanted to do next.


Nazm C

Digital Marketing Consultant

By taking a leap of faith. Being a marketing consultant for the past 5 years and a half has shown me that small and medium companies also deserve to grow and generate revenue like the large ones. One solution I put a huge emphasis on is adopting marketing automation by using readily available tools. That works wonders. The other complaint I keep hearing of is the age-old, not having enough customers. Now as a certified marketer, I can vouch for my expertise and help you solve your problem areas.

Need to build a marketing team? Or a marketing department? Conversion optimization? Lead generation? Sales? I have the answers, the tips and tricks, and the mistakes, prepared for you.​

My end goal is to know that a client has benefitted from my learnings, and now can’t stop answering the customers flooding at their doorsteps! It’s always amazing to see how inbound marketing can help so many people at a time, be it a medium enterprise or a startup stuck at growth stage. And I love making it happen every time.

A few clients I have worked with

Southtech, JoBike, CutOutWiz, Cramstack, OpticTour (Texas, USA), Unique Asset Strategies (Chicago, USA), Jobike, Sheba, Brainstation 23, & Service Chai are some of the startups I had the pleasure of working with. My corporate clients include Prothom Alo, Olympic Industries, Keya Industries and a few more.

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