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Digital Marketing Strategy Mastery Course

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Digital Marketing Strategy Mastery 2024

Categories: Intermediate, Paid Course
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About Course

Learn the nitty-gritty of digital marketing strategy in this exclusive course and stay one step ahead of your competition.

The Strategy Course is your ultimate roadmap for learning digital marketing strategy step by step. It covers identifying your audience, branding, market research, setting SMART goals, building a great team, budget mastery, and much more. There are 17 premium downloads included, all of which are insanely helpful. By the end of this epic journey, you’ll become a top-notch digital marketing strategist, leaving your competitors in the digital dust!

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What Will You Learn?

  • All the nuts and bolts of digital marketing strategy and why it matters in achieving business goals.
  • How to build a marketable, in-demand company that thrives differently in the industry.
  • An in-depth guide to conducting market research, analyzing competitors, and identifying marketing trends.
  • How to actually build a grand slam offer that people can't help but buy it.
  • The right approach to understand target customers, and build ideal buyer personas.
  • The secrets to setting laser-focus SMART goals and handpicking marketing channels that perfectly align with the business goals.
  • Mastering the know-how to craft a killer marketing budget, minimize customer acquisition costs, and set growth targets that turn heads.
  • Nail down measurable goals and KPIs to unlock savvy, data-informed marketing analysis and strategy.
  • Prepare an impactful year-long marketing strategy and action plan, making continuous growth and a powerful, long-lasting success loop.

Course Content

Module 1: Starting Out: Key Steps in Marketing Strategy

  • What’s Inside: A Peek into the Course
  • Download 17 Exclusive Marketing Templates & Resources
  • Marketing Strategy 101: Must-Know Basics
  • Why Strategies Fail: Common Mistakes
  • Strategy for Every Stage: Matching Your Business
  • Dream Big: Setting Exciting Goals
  • Nazmul: About Me & Why This Course
  • Asking Questions: How and Where
  • 2024’s Top Trends: The Latest in Digital Marketing
  • Free Course: Access My Exclusive DM Course for Free
  • Essential Books for More Knowledge
  • Module 1: Quiz

Module 2: Goal Setting Mastery: Crafting Realistic Targets

Module 3: Building a Marketable Company: Become Ready to Sell

Module 4: Knowing Your Customers: Target Better, Sell More

Module 5: Auditing Marketing: Assessing Your Current Efforts

Module 6: Competitive Analysis: Outsmart the Competition

Module 7: Build a Brand: Stand Out and Shine

Module 8: Marketing Channels: Best Platforms for Your Message

Module 9: Content Strategy: Engage and Convert Your Audience

Module 10: Creating Marketing Team: Gather Your Marketing Stars

Module 11: Marketing Budget Planning: Balancing Costs with Results

Module 12: KPIs & Targets: Navigating Your Path to Success

Module 13: Yearly Campaign Map -Annual Action Plans and Timelines

Module 14: Three-Page Plan: Your Marketing Strategy Document

Module 15: Crafting a Sticky Strategy: How to Stick to the Plan

Final Assessment

Earn a certificate

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Student Ratings & Reviews

Total 32 Ratings
32 Ratings
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4 days ago
1 month ago
Excellent course. Learned so many Digital Marketing stuff . I have built my first digital marketing strategy for my business with the help of this course
2 months ago
It's a world-class course. I recommend every founder should view this course and execute it in their business. But not the least "Stick with the plan"
2 months ago
Best course available in Bangladesh regarding marketing Strategy.
3 months ago
This course was very good for me.I learned a lot about digital marketing.
3 months ago
Thanks to this course I know now a lot about digital marketing. This course was very much helpful for me .
3 months ago
Can't explain how interactive and effective this course was! Totally worth of money and highly recommended to the marketers!
3 months ago
This course just worth the money. Really loved this course. Whole coure was easy to understand. I would definitely suggest this course.
4 months ago
Alhamdulilah! It is one of the best beginner friendly course on digital marketing. Sir guides you through each of steps in a clear and concise manner. He shares his personal experience as well which brings this course to life. I would recommend this course to gain in depth knowledge on Digital Marketing.
4 months ago
It was the most helpful course that I found on the internet. I am really satisfied with the course. Recommended.
4 months ago
This Course are very helpful, new generation & next generation
4 months ago
The best digital marketing course ever! Can't explain how much it helped me to start my marketing career.
4 months ago
Founders and the people who are interested in marketing, this course is recommended.
4 months ago
As a founder, this course resonated with me on a personal level. The actionable strategies and real-world examples make it a standout in the digital marketing education landscape.
4 months ago
This course didn't just teach me digital marketing strategy; it catapulted my approach to a whole new level. Module 12, with its deep dive into KPIs and target setting, gave me the tools to measure success and align my strategies with business objectives. And Module 14's focus on comprehensive planning empowered me to structure my campaigns with precision and clarity. If you're like me and crave a deep understanding of not only the fundamentals but also the practical application of advanced strategies, this course is your golden ticket. I've already seen tangible results, all thanks to the actionable insights I gained. Thank you to the team for creating such an impactful and transformative learning experience!
4 months ago
Planning a year-long marketing strategy felt overwhelming until this course broke it down for me. Highly Recommended!
4 months ago
Woah, this course is so insightful. Through practical examples, the content of the course is presented in a beginner-friendly way. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to master in digital marketing strategy. Totally worth it!
This course is truly a "Masterpiece" ✨. I wonder why it didn't come before. And why no one talked too detailed like him. It just changed my view, as well I found too many mistakes that I have made in my strategy-making process.
✅At last, Nazmul Vaiya never disappoints.
4 months ago
A strategy course at the beginning of the year was exactly what I needed to set up my goals and actions based on expert instructions. I've watched the first 2/3 modules of the course and I'm hooked. Just wanted to share my gratitude right before I start doing the rest of the modules!
4 months ago
Just finished this amazing online course! The content was super organized, and the instructor's passion made it enjoyable. Highly recommend for anyone looking to learn and grow!

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