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Digital Marketing Strategy Mastery Course

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As your fractional CMO, I will build your marketing department

Let’s assemble a marketing team and develop systems to help you reach your customer acquisition goals.

Struggles of company Founders who are not marketers

Expert marketing execution without the commitment and cost of a full-time CMO.

You don’t want a marketer; you want a marketing department. As your fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I am here to help you build and shape your marketing department.

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The stages we will go through together to build your marketing machine

It’s like starting a train – it takes time and effort to get it up and running, but once it starts moving, it becomes an unstoppable force.

Founder Friendly  |  Execution Included


Audit & Strategy

Time period: 1 month

Without the right strategy building, a team is a bad idea. First we decide on the tasks and tactics then we build the team.

This includes analyzing your current marketing strategy, identifying any gaps or areas for improvement, and reviewing your past marketing results.

Together, we will define your marketing goals and objectives. This will give us a clear direction and help us prioritize our efforts.

From setting clear objectives to implementing specific tactics and tracking results, I will put together a strategy that is aligned with your business goals.


Strategy to Execution

Time period: 3 months

We are now beginning to implement the strategy we developed, as well as initiating the marketing activities that were part of that strategy.

STEP 2.1:

Building a marketing team

I will help you find the ideal talent, offer training and motivation, and make sure your team is ready to achieve the best results for your business. The team will be yours; employed directly by you.

Benefits of a remote team:

Low living cost advantage: 

Hire top-quality marketing professionals at an affordable price and reduce your marketing costs with the help of our offshore team. Given the low cost of living, it is easy to hire extremely talented people for a fraction of the cost.


Imagine giving work before the end of your day and getting everything delivered right when you wake up. How awesome is that? It can happen as your remote team will work while you sleep. 24-hour turnaround time.

  • Flexibility: Offshore remote teams offer flexibility in terms of location, time zone, and working hours.
  • Scalability: It is easier to scale up or down with an offshore remote team, as you can easily add or remove team members as needed.
  • Improved efficiency: Offshore remote teams can often work more efficiently due to the use of technology and communication tools, leading to faster turnaround times and better results.
STEP 2.2:

Kickstart marketing activities

Here is when we start executing. Most of your marketing activities will start from this phase. The goal will be to hit the quantity & start building our marketing presence.

Sample Salaries Of Offshore Marketing Team:

In Bangladesh, a small remote team of 4 can be formed for as little as $2,000. For a good, experienced team of 7 people, the cost is around $10,000 ( the cost of hiring 2 people in the US).
Positions1 year experience3+ years experience5+ years experience
Marketers$350 to $500$800 – $1000$1500 To $3000
Graphic Designers$250 to $300$500 – $800$1000 To $2000
Video Editors$350 to $500$800 – $1000$1500 To $3000
SEO Experts$350 to $500$800 – $1000$1500 To $3000
Content Writers$250 to $300$500 – $800$1000 To $2000

NO operations cost: Did I tell you there is no operations cost as you don’t have to give rent or pay for their devices. So you easily save minimum $10,000 in operations costs per year per employee.

Help with Hiring

I’ll help your HR with job analysis, recruiting, and finally selection. All that will lead to a team that will drive up your sales.

Training & KPIs

Using my experience as a founder and a consultant, I’’ll develop your marketing team who will give the results you have always wanted.

Kickstart Marketing​

Most of your marketing activities will start from this phase. The goal will be to hit the quantity & start building our online presence.


Execution To Growth

Time period: 9 months
At this stage, it’s all about execution. With a clear marketing strategy in place, I will work with the marketing team that I hired, to implement the tactics and strategies we have identified and drive growth for your business.

Build a brand, Generate More leads & convert more Clients

Working tirelessly in your marketing efforts but seeing not much of a result? (that is, few sales?) I’ll help you develop the right resources for you to generate more leads that will ultimately result in more sales.

Convert More Visitors into Qualified Leads

Enable CRM, close more sales

Marketing funnel – Guide your prospects

Who should you hire?

Fractional CMO VS Full-time CMO

The good news: No need to hire an $7K/ month CMO. Let’s work together and I will prove the power of outbound marketing.

Nazmul - Your Fractional CMO

Lets start tomorrow!

Proof of success on video

Ex-Founder so I know YOUR pain

Only consulting fee. No extra charges​

$10K Regular Full Time CMO

Needs 2 months notice to leave the previous job

No experience as Founder

Keeps branding 1st, lead gen 2nd

Needs a car, laptop, and other investments

🧠 Pricing & Stages​

It’s like starting a train – it takes time and effort to get it up and running, but once it starts moving, it becomes an unstoppable force.


Meet your fractional CMO - Nazmul Ahmed (Nazm)

As a former founder and seasoned marketer, I understand the unique challenges and pain points that business owners face – and I’m here to help you overcome them.

Why work with me?

What my clients have to say about their revenue growth

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Nazm built us an inbound marketing machine!
- Syam Anupom
CEO, Timetackle

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