Cancellation & Refund Policy

Last modified: 8th January, 2024

What Is A Refund?

When someone encounters access issues due to technical hiccups on our platform or if the learning material isn’t delivered as outlined in the course details, the user can request a refund. This is subject to a verification process.

How To Request A Refund?

Refund requests for any single or bundled course must be made within 48 hours of payment.

To initiate a refund, please take the following steps:

→ Call 01721-853227(available from 9 AM to 6 PM) and provide the email or phone number utilized for signing up and course purchase.

→ Our customer service team will text a form to you to formally lodge the refund request, where you will need to furnish details regarding the transaction.

Refund requests will be considered only if made through a call to 01721-853227 within 48 hours post-purchase, with clear mention of your registration email and phone number.

Note: Refunds do not apply to E-book purchases.

Refunds are processed back to the original payment method or issued as a voucher within 7-10 business days post verification and approval by Nazm C. Confirmation of this will be sent via email.

When Will The Refund Not Be Applicable?

  • If the refund request is raised after 48 hours from the purchase time.
  • If a Course Certificate is earned within the initial 48-hour window, refund eligibility is forfeited.
  • If a complaint is registered within the 48-hour window but the certificate is earned during the subsequent 7-day refund window, a refund will not be granted.
  • Once a refund process is underway, if any course activity is undertaken (video viewing, quiz attempts, material downloads), the refund claim becomes invalid.
  • Completion of more than 5 premium/paid videos before the refund request will negate refund eligibility.
  • For any e-book purchases.

When will the refund be applicable?

  • For incorrect purchases or a change of mind to a different course, a transfer can be arranged via voucher. If the new course is:
  • More expensive, the difference must be paid to Nazm C using the preferred payment method.
  • Less expensive, Nazm C will refund the difference through the original payment channel.
  • If Nazm C fails to provide the promised course resources.
  • If there is an accidental purchase of a live class instead of a recorded one, or vice versa.

How Does A Refund Request Work?

Post submission of a refund request, your course access will be suspended. Within 3 business days, Nazm C will send an SMS to confirm if the request is approved. Following approval, you will be withdrawn from the course and all progress will be lost. To repurchase, you must start the course anew. 

The refund may take 7-10 business days to reflect in your account. For delays beyond 10 business days, please contact 01721-853227 (9 AM – 6 PM).

A confirmation of the refund will be communicated via email or SMS.

Nazm C reserves the right to modify these terms on an ongoing basis and per individual circumstances.

Nazm C
 is committed to its consumers, and while we stand by our policy as written above, we also want to understand how we can resolve the dissatisfaction and better understand how we can serve you. Please contact Nazm C at [email protected] for any questions related to our policy, or simply to let us know how we can help. 

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