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Welcome to “Build A Marketing Strategy for 2022” Challenge.

Discover The Exact Step-By-Step Strategy That Develops Awareness, Generate Leads, and Brings Profit to your Business.

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The 5-Day “Build A Marketing Strategy for 2022” Challenge

Do you want to learn how to set a goal for your business on a yearly basis?
Are you tired of posting content online and getting nothing in return?
Do you have a great service or product, but people still don’t know about it?
Do you want direct access to experts who can help you with your funnels, strategy, offer, marketing, sales, and ANY question you have?
Do you want to know how you can 10x your profits for your business in 2022?

Join Nazmul Ahmed for the 5-Day
Build A Marketing Strategy for 2022 Challenge!

NOTE: The Challenge will start on 28th January. Seats are limited. Get yours today.

Time Sensitive: In just 60 minutes per day, this 5-day highly interactive challenge will help you build a marketing strategy for 2022 that generates awareness and customers based on your need and brings profit to your business.

Discover the EXACT strategy Nazmul Ahmed has used over and over again to build marketing departments for different startups and businesses for the past 4 years.

It’s not complicated, and it works like clockwork. The only thing you need is a computer with internet access and about 5 days of your time.

From the Chamber of Nazmul Ahmed

January 20th, 2022

Fellow Founders,

Imagine what would happen if you could get 100 new followers every single day…

Imagine waking up every morning knowing that your business is growing predictably and profitably…

Imagine knowing you can craft funnels that convert total strategy into customers AT A PROFIT on-demand…

What would that do for your income? How much closer would you be to achieving financial freedom? Would this make it easier for you to take care of yourself and those around you?

If you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels and no matter how hard you work, your business isn’t growing as fast as it should…

I’m willing to bet that the REAL REASON you’re stuck with isn’t what you think it is.

◉ Yes, advertising costs are up (And it's harder to track progress)
◉ Yes, competition is intense…
◉ Yes, a pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live and work…

…but are any of these factors the REAL REASON you’re stuck?

I don’t think so.

In fact, I believe…

The REAL REASON your progress has stalled…
The REAL REASON your new product hasn’t got any attention…
The REAL REASON you just flat out aren’t making as much MONEY as you should be making usually comes down to one thing…

“You dont have the right strategy (which you can execute)”

Here’s the deal: Most “winning” marketing ideas stop working because they’re not executed properly.

If you’ve ever advertised on Facebook, Instagram, or Google, tell me if this sounds familiar…

You launch a brand-new campaign with a fairly small test budget.
After a day or two, it’s clear you have a winner! Volume is small, but the campaign is profitable, so you ratchet up the budget.
As your spending increases, so do sales. Immediate ROI dips a bit, but you’re still in the black, so you pour on a little more budget. Ok, so if you’re anything like me, you pour on A LOT more budget. After all, we have a winner…

Next thing you know, you’re telling Facebook and Google… 🙂

But then, something happens…

Conversions drop…sales dry up…and your winning campaign becomes a big, fat loser. You do your best to optimize the ad copy and targeting, but nothing seems to work.

Even more frustrating, when you drop your spending back down to the original test budget levels, the campaign is still a flop.

“What happened?” you ask yourself…

“Why do profitable campaigns suddenly become unprofitable the moment you try to convert them?”

Most founders won’t admit it, but THIS is the question we’re all DESPERATELY trying to answer.

And the good news is, I’m about to do just that…

It turns out, the secret to “business growth” has almost nothing to do with your skills as a media buyer. Yes, there are things you need to know and basic rules you need to follow, but at this point, clicks in Facebook, Instagram, and Google cost what they cost, and there’s little you can do to change that.

So, if the secret to profitable scale isn’t in the ad-buying, then what is it?

The liberating truth you must understand is this…

There's No Such Thing as a "Goal Problem"

I’ll say that again because it’s important…

“There’s no such thing as a goal problem.”

Today, it’s easier than ever to set a goal for your business.

It’s easy to say that you want 5X growth for your business by the end of the year. It’s easy to say you want 1 Million new followers on social media. Even if you ask a friend, they will come in and set a goal for your business.

You may not fully believe what I’m about to say, but trust me…

…setting a goal is the easy part.

The more challenging piece of the puzzle (and the secret of “profitable growth”) is what happens to your visitor AFTER they hit your page.

To put it another way…

The Real Secret To PROFITABLY Acquiring Customers Is to have the Right Strategy for Your Business And Executing Them To "Expand the Business"

Nearly all the marketing strategies I see that work at first but then fail at scale have the exact same problem…

…they’re all without systems and tactics.

So, if you want to grow your sales and profits, your mission is simple…

You need to build a marketing strategy that can be properly executed to aware your untapped market, and to do that, you need to build personalized campaigns that can attract and convert not just your Ideal Market, but the MUCH LARGER Addressable Market and the EVEN LARGER, Attainable Market.

Let me show you…

Hundreds of hours spent on building strategies have brought me where I am today.

The ability to craft marketing strategies that convert total strangers into customers AT A PROFIT is the single most valuable skill anyone can have.

Normally, it would take years of practice and experimentation to become an expert at crafting marketing strategies that convert strangers into paying customers on a consistent basis.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve developed a step-by-step method to discover the “big idea”, select a proven selling channel, craft the perfect marketing strategy, and ultimately executed it all for my audience.

And this method can be taught to founders just like you in a matter of days.

Founders who are ready to unlock a predictable flow of leads, customers & sales to change their businesses forever.

That is why I’ve put together my 5-day Build A Marketing Strategy for 2022 Challenge.

This is not your average “how to get more customers” course or a “digital marketing” course. It’s the exact system I use every single month in my client’s business and it works for me, so I know it’ll work for you too.

After 5 days you will leave with a simple, actionable marketing strategy that will get you brand new buyers from scratch, plus a 90-day guide for executing and optimizing your plan.

I will walk you through every step of the way on coaching calls…

Day 1: Set your business goals
Day 2: Map your marketing
Day 3: Know your numbers
Day 4: Marketing in 2022
Day 5: Execute & Grow!

And it’s all done through a step-by-step road map tailored just for you and your business.

So if you are ready to get focused, take action, and GROW – I want you to join me in our Build A Marketing Strategy for 2022 Challenge.

I am so excited to share this process with you…because I know the power and potential it has for you as well as the impact it can make on your business.

Imagine what’s possible when I take you through over a decade worth of experience selling online in just 5 days and leave you ready to profitably generate customers from your untapped market.

What would it mean to you to not only see this method…

But take powerful daily action over 5 days with support from myself and hundreds of other founders from all over the world?

Click the button below and join this incredible 5-day experience.

To your success,
Nazmul Ahmed (Nazm)

Join Nazmul Ahmed (Nazm) for the 5-Day Build A Marketing Strategy for 2022 Challenge!

NOTE: The Challenge will start on 28th January. Seats are limited. Get yours today.


During 60-minute sessions each day, I will go in-depth on the exact strategy he uses to convert total strangers into customers AT A PROFIT while helping you to learn how to use it in your business!

Engage with me and my team (Team Najm), as well as fellow challengers inside the private Facebook group as we help each other plan, our “Build A Marketing Strategy for 2022” strategies and get valuable feedback to optimize your strategy.

And if you fall behind one day, don’t worry! All calls are recorded and available for a limited time right inside the Facebook group.

Who Is Nazmul Ahmed (Nazm)?

Nazm is an Ex-CMO of a 240+ employee company, Ex-CEO of a digital marketing company for 3 years and HubSpot certified digital marketing consultant​.

Nazm believes small and mid size businesses should thrive as much as the large businesses. You just need to do it different by marketing hacks.

By using your own resources as much as possible & by taking advantage of the free and less expensive tools provided by large enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

The challenge takes place over 5 days. We have calls every day and each call takes place at 8 PM (GMT+6). Here is what the schedule will look like: 

Friday – Day 1 call 

Saturday – Day 2 call 

Sunday – Day 3 call 

Monday – Day 4 call 

Tuesday – Day 5 call

Each call takes approximately 60 minutes. There will also be suggested daily homework that should take no longer than 1 hour to complete (some only take 5-10 minutes). So throughout the challenge, expect a 2-3 hour time investment per day.

Everything takes place inside of a private Facebook group or our website. You will get access as soon as you get shortlisted. In the group, we will host upload the recordings. 

You have access to the group during the challenge and for one week after it ends, which will have the recordings.

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