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- Build Your Own Marketing Team -

FREE guide on building a Digital Marketing Team (with 13 Job descriptions)

- Free Video Guides & Templates on How to-

hire your in-house Digital Marketing Team to drive revenue through online channels.

Are you looking to scale your business but failing to hire a good marketing team? Or maybe the current team you have is not bringing any conversational leads for your business? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Made for Founders

If you’re a founder who’s looking to build a marketing team for your business but don’t know where to start then this video is exclusively for you.

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Get Free Job Description Templates

To assist you in preparing your job description templates I’ll be giving you a few free samples that I use for my clients.
  1. Marketing Executive
  2. Digital Marketing Intern
  3. Content Writer
  4. Graphics Designer
  5. Lead Generation Expert
  6. Marketing Automation Expert
  7. Media Buyer
  8. Outreach Specialist
  9. PR Specialist
  10. SEO Specialist
  11. Video Editor
  12. Video Marketer
  13. Web Developer

So much to talk about

With all the changes that have come to marketing in the past few years, it’s safe to say that the marketing team needs to change as well. But how do you do it?

How do you structure and train an effective marketing team that can leverage modern, digital channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google to deliver more leads and sales?

I’ll cover all that, and more, in this free training, including…

  1. Why you need an in-house digital marketing team (even if it’s a “Team of 3”)
  2. 8 critical skills that every marketing team must have in 2022
  3. The 4 roles that make up the modern “Growth Team”
  4. How to structure your team to maximize communication and accountability
  5. How you can my own time to build and train your own team of marketing rockstars from scratch
  6. The 3 main traits you must look for when hiring or moving someone into the Growth Team
Hi There! My Name Is Nazmul Ahmed.

Why listen to me?

I am a former CMO of multiple $10M revenue companies and former CEO of a digital marketing company.

Over the last 36 months, Najm has: Invested over $25,000 on marketing tests, generated tens of thousands of unique visitors, Sent well over 100 thousand emails, and run approximately 100 split and multi-variant tests.

I’m also a highly sought-after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted over 200 businesses in the past 4 years.

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